2011 in review

2011 In Review

So I was thinking the other day that I hadn’t posted anything here in a long time.  Which is a real shame. I had hoped that this would be something more for me to work on my writing skills and creativity.

So lets talk about what happened this year.  It started with me turning in my resignation at work.  That’s pretty major for most people.  Then four days later on January 6th I had a minor stroke. That was something and really threw life in a tail spin.  Afterwards I picked up and move forward.  I went to the doctor and found that I just need to be on Coumadin or Warfarin and have my blood tested.  Coumadin is a blood thinner so if I had to much of it in my system I could bleed to death if I cut myself.

So in March I noticed that there really wasn’t anything special going on with my treatment.  So I talked with my friends about the move to California that I had been planning to do in January.  They encouraged me to make the move because either way I was going to be unemployed.  I agreed and made the decision to move at the beginning of April.  My friend Ray booked a flight to Columbus and we made our plans to drive across the US with what would fit in my car.

That’s right I got rid of almost all of my belongings.  I only kept what would fit in my Scion xB.  That mostly comprised of my Tuba, artwork, and clothes.  Needless to say it was pretty full.  It’s a good thing that the back seats laid down so that we could use all the space.

So April came and Ray arrived in Columbus. I was ready for the most part but of course in typical procrastination style I had stuff I need to get done before I could leave.  The day after Ray arrived we got in my car about 9 AM and we started the drive across the US.  Since it was April I decided we would take a southern route.  I did that because I didn’t want to be caught in a snow storm driving across Kansas, Nebraska or any other state.

So after arriving in San Francisco I knew I need to find a job or some kind of work.  So I began searching for a job in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay area.  It was a little discouraging but I kept plugging away at searching the internet and sending out my resume.  I started getting interviews and there were several jobs that sounded good but as you might guess I didn’t get any of those jobs.

Lucky for me I have my music to fall back on.  I had already spoke with someone in the San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Freedom Band.   So on my second day in San Francisco I started going to rehearsals.  That really helped make me feel like I was part of something more then the unemployed.  I played a concert with them and of course the event to top all events was rapidly approaching.  That’s right my first San Francisco Pride.  I of course volunteered to march in the parade because I have been doing it for years.  It was amazing and overwhelming but most of all I felt like I belonged there.  I didn’t feel like I was out of place or in over my head.

With all that there was something else happening with the band.  Like I always have previously I volunteered to help in ways that I could.  After Pride I became the Assistant Direct for the San Francisco Lesbian & Gay Freedom Band.  That was something that I was proud of but I also wanted to be modest about what I was getting myself into at that point.  No one likes a pushy smart ass and I certainly didn’t want to be labeled as such.

In August I landed a job!  That’s right I got a job.  It isn’t my dream job but I’m not unemployed any longer.  I was grateful for work and the chance to bring some money in after being unemployed for seven months.  It is a contract job that ends January 27th but it is a job.  I’m sure you have heard the old adage also it’s easier to find a job when you have a job.  That’s what I’m counting on in the next couple weeks.

So of course something good happened so something bad has to happen.  Like Newton’s Law what goes up must come down.  So what happened was I was driving downtown on a Friday night when my car was broadsided and totaled.  The other driver admitted to running the light and so I wasn’t at fault.  Progressive insurance was very nice and helpful.  We wrapped everything up an settled on the car. Now I’m just waiting on them to sell the car for scrap so we can close out the claim.

Things were quiet for a month but it was all leading up to another first for me.  My First Dance Along Nutcracker with the San Francisco Lesbian & Gay Freedom Band.  I had never played a show like this before.  It was like being in a pit orchestra which I had never done before.  If you know where Howard, Ohio is you would know that orchestra isn’t something that have there.  The show had a 60’s theme and was fun to perform.  The actors and actresses did a fantastic job.  It was a huge hit with the audience.

Last but not lease I just had my first Christmas in San Francisco.  It was quiet and I spent the day with a great new friend that I was introduced to by some friends back in Ohio.  Funny how many people I’ve met from Ohio and Pennsylvania out here in San Francisco.

Well that wraps it up … I think that’s enough for one year, don’t you?  I hope this finds everyone and anyone who read my blog in good health.

Mondays are such a drag

happy monday blues
Image by uteart via Flickr

So I successfully made it through another Monday.  I tell you they sure can be a drag.  You’ve just finished having two nice days off work and the wham, it smacks you right in the face.  I mean who ever thought of this whole Monday concept?  It’s just a harsh reality but man oh man look out next Monday because it’s Labor day so no work for those of us pencil pushers!

Next Monday I should be starting my day over in Pittsburgh and then having a fun filled drive back home to Columbus, Ohio.  I’m looking forward to this three day weekend and hanging out with three of my friends in Pittsburgh.  I love road trips like this with friends.  I’m sure it will be a fantastic time and we’ll come back with some funny stories.  If you’re lucky maybe I’ll have some pictures too.