2012 New Year Resolutions

I’m not much for New Year Resolutions but I guess it doesn’t hurt to set some goals for yourself.  It’s a way to set goals for one self.  So here are some things that I should focus on in the coming year.

  1. Post more articles to my blog.
    • I’ll try to post one every week at least.
  2. Lose some weight
    • I’m sure this will be a challenge
  3. Update the look of the blog so it’s ‘prettier’
    • This will be a real challenge for me because I’m not very visual. I might have to enlist the help of a friend or two.

The way I look at the new year is a time of reflection.  It’s a time when you can/should say thanks to all the people who has played an important role.  Reflection and thanks are two things that I find people don’t do enough.  I’ve spent a good amount on reflection but I don’t think I’ve done enough time thanking people.

So to all the people who love and support me in life, Thank You!  You’ve all been there for me so many times.  Through good and bad I can always count on you.