Starting a new year

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Hi everyone, just opening up the browser to start a new behavior in the new year.  That’s the hardest thing, right?  To start a new behavior is very challenging.  So we’ll see how this goes.

There are always things we want to do each new year.  Sometimes we can meet those challenges and actually change our daily behaviors.  Even something as simple as writing can be a real challenge because we’re connected to the internet and it is SO easy to get distracted.  It’s happened twice already in just writing this short amount.

So let’s see, some things I’ve been thinking about that I’m going to put in writing.

  1. Learn to be more positive (I’m a pretty happy go lucky guy…)
  2. Read more (got to find a topic/author I get into)
  3. Write more (just write, don’t get hung up on what, right?)
  4. Learn to focus more and get distracted less (WOW?!?)
  5. Be more organized (unclutter my life and learn that boxes and list aren’t a bad thing)

So let’s address why I think I should focus on these 5 things.

  1. Learn to be more positive

I’m a pretty go lucky guy but with everything that’s going on in the news, but it can be really difficult to keep a positive outlook.  We have a president who doesn’t support my views and he’s regularly attacking people on Twitter.  There’s been 4 or 5 major natural disasters in the past 6 months. (is that right?) Not to mention other news from different countries on Earth.

2)  Read more

Wow, I think this is just something that’s been slipping away from most people for decades. It seems like it’s not being encouraged in a manner that’s really encouraging. From other events going on in our country, it seems as though people don’t read and expand their view of the world. I guess I don’t want to say this but ‘the dumbing down of America’. is how it appears.

3)  Write more

This is something I view as an exercise for the brain.  By writing, I’m challenging my brain in a be creative and analytical. It takes a couple brain cells to come up with new topics and be able to put those in writing. If I can put at least 500 words down, that will be a mild goal really.  If we recorded everything we say in a day I’m sure it’s probably 10X 500 words in writing.

4)  Learn to focus more and get distracted less

This one is going to be a challenge. Doing just this post I ended up on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and did laundry. Taking the time to focus on 1 particular item is again something people are doing less and less.  When the prime advertisement is only 30 seconds or a YouTube only last 3 to 5 minutes … that’s got to say something. This will improve the brain as well.

5)  Be more organized

This is going to be a real challenge. If you’re organized that means you know what’s going on and have a realistic view of what needs to be done. WOW! Again it will help the brain and focusing on 1 particular action could change my life. I try to keep my closets clean and not many things around that its becomes clutter rather than decor. This applies to finances and so many other things as well.

So there we have it.  That’s what I wanted to get off my chest and burn a couple brains cells today.

Oh, I almost forgot…

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Have a great day everyone!

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