Move is coming up quick

Well the move is only days away. I’ve got most of my possessions given away or packed up. There are still some small things I need to figure out how to pack. I’ve been working on making some bread in my bread machine to use up ingredients. I love the smell of bread cooking. It makes the house smell SO good.

My friend Ray gets here Thursday morning at something like 8:30 AM. Then it’s a day of running around town with him and packing my car for the ‘launch’ Friday morning. I think calling it a launch is rather appropriate. It’s nothing short of the trip that Columbus made across the ocean blue. Of course we have iPods, GPS, radio, and hotels to stay in. Well maybe that’s not a good comparison.

Thursday evening I’ll be meeting my friends at La Fogata on High Street for a farewell party. It will be sad to say good bye but I always say, look at it this way, now you have a friend to visit in San Francisco. I have a lot of good friends here but I’m still eager to go to the west coast and see what earth quakes are all about.

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