Unemployment, the new form of torture

English: 1923 unemployment insurance stamp.
1923 Unemployment Insurance Stamp

So it’s been two weeks since my contract ended.  I’ve been looking for a job and I’ve had a couple interviews.  One of the interviews is promising and the company would be great to work.  I met 5 people from the company and I liked everyone I met.  From what I hear they all liked me.  The waiting to find out if they  offer me the job is torture.  One can only hope that everything works out.

So over the weekend I’ve been keeping myself busy.  Friday night I went to go see TAO: The Art of the Drum and it was amazing show.  The presentation was great.  The music was amazing.  Saturday I went to the Chinese New Year parade.  Today (Sunday) I went to the Russian Festival to add a little more culture to my weekend.

Tomorrow, we’ll see what I can get involved in during the day.  My ultimate hope is that I’ll hear from this company.  Maybe I’ll take myself out for a nice lunch.  I would say I might buy myself something pretty but I know I won’t do that.  I don’t have any plans this next weekend.  I might take a little road trip next weekend.  Just  to get myself out of town and clear my head.

1 Week of living in San Francisco

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Well what do I say? The weather has been good. The sky has been a beautiful shade of blue and the temps are above freezing.  I’ve not done a tremendous amount as I’m living on a limited budget.  I did go out and saw some friends at Edge on Sunday.  That was a lot of fun. I thought it would just a casual stop at the bar kind of Sunday but it turned out that there was an event going on.  The Duchess from the Grand Ducal Council herself was there and some of her helpers.  So the bar was rocking and there were several fabulous ladies there in festive easter ware.

I have spoke to some temp offices to get some work so I have some income.  To some degree that’s been a challenge because people say “Well we don’t want to waste your time and talents.”  Well don’t you think I know that I’m going to a temp agency and that the work is going to be the most fulfilling or career oriented.  Anyhow I think I’ve got that under control and hopefully get some work soon.  At least I won’t be sitting at on the couch as much.

Something a little new for me is riding public transportation.  BART and MUNI are good public transportation systems.  The thing I have to get used to is their schedules and where they stop.  This morning I took MUNI to a doctor’s appointment.  The appointment was at 8 AM but the ride there was going to take almost 50 minutes.  So that meant I needed to leave the house before 7 to make my appointment on time.

So that’s a little about my first week in San Francisco.  Hopefully soon I’ll have some pictures I can post here and show you some of the things going on around town.

I love a good brunch on Sunday!

So I started thinking about this Saturday night before I went to bed.  Now you know it’s bad when you start thinking about breakfast the night before.  I even started pulling up some menus to see what I thought might be the best place to go.  Of course breakfast is a comfort food for a lot of people so Sunday Brunch is awesome.

So we were going to meet at a restaurant called Northstar Cafe in Columbus. They have great food and I’ve always enjoyed my meal there.  The food is original and it’s good for you.  Well I obviously wasn’t the only person who was thinking that Northstar would be good.  When I arrived the line was back to the door.  So it would have taken us about 20 minutes just to order.

Of course if you know me, you know that I’m not going to wait for 20 minutes in a line.  So I called my friend who I was meeting for brunch and we made alternate plans.  It was shaky but we went to Abuelo’s to see if they were busy. 

Now Abuelo’s doesn’t serve breakfast but at this point we (really we’re talking about me) wanted some food.  I have to say I was very pleased with my meal.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve always enjoyed my meals there but this time I asked for suggestions and the waitress suggested their Pescado Guerrero.  I thought, what the heck, it’s seafood which isn’t something I would have thought of getting at a Mexican restaurant. Let me tell you it was delicious!  I liked the vegetables, the sauce, and the Mahi Mahi.  It was a wonderful dish and I completely enjoyed my ‘brunch’ there at Abuelo’s.

The other thing that I completely enjoyed was sitting and talking to my friend Ben.  We just sat there and chatted for a long time.  It was really nice to just reconnect with a good friend and not worry about what I needed to get done. It was also nice because I was stuffed and it gave me some extra time to let some of the food digest.

If you get a chance stop by Abuelo’s and try their food.  It’s not your common Mexican restaurant.  I think of it as being a step above and I’ve never had a bad meal.

Wrapping up a weekend of concerts and college homecoming

Otterbein College
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First I want to say, I survived! So this past weekend I had Capital Pride Band concerts Friday night, Sunday afternoon, and the whole day Saturday doing Otterbein University homecoming activities. It was a long weekend! The concerts went well and I’ll be excited to hear the recording. Then Saturday … well lets say there was just to much fun had by some if you know what I mean. So after all that, I’m worn out!

This Wednesday I’m performing in Cleveland with the Blazing River Freedom band. They are doing their fall concert Wednesday October 27, 2010 at 8 PM. The show has a musical theme. So I’ll drive up there to perform in the fantastic Franklin Circle Christian Church. The church has beautiful old architecture.  I enjoy performing there in the huge sanctuary.

A scary thing just crossed my mind … believe it or not we’re headed towards Christmas at an alarming rate.  We’re 2 months away from Christmas!  Lucky for me I’ve already started my Christmas shopping!

I better start working on my list of 2011 new years resolutions.

Just a Football Saturday in the Midwest

Ohio State Buckeyes athletic logo
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Just a Saturday you say?  Well I have been working on some stuff for my College Fraternity Alumni group and hanging out at home listening to music.  Of course if I was out and about today I would see that my neighborhood is over run with Ohio State University fans.  I’m not even sure who they play today but since I live so close to the university the streets are always crowded with fans.  It makes for great people watching but it can be frustrating as you can imagine.  Our street is overrun with people parking and walking to the game.  So you don’t dare move your car before the game till during the game so that you don’t lose your parking spot if you plan on coming back.

So I guess it’s just a normal Saturday here in my neighborhood.  That’s good seeing as there could be far worse things besides huge crowds of OSU fans.