Baby steps and realistic goals for a Monday

So I came home after my work day and I wanted to keep on task.  I talked to my roommate for a while but I got back on plan with breaking out my viola and practicing.  I did that for 30 minutes.  Sad to say but that’s about as long as I can focus when doing that.

I made my dinner of about 5 oz of beer sausage and friend cabbage and cauliflower.  I ate my dinner at a steady pace so I didn’t feel like I was inhaling it.

I worked on my resume so that it’s up to date and ready if needed.  The finally I went for a walk to meet my activity goal for the day.  I did pretty good. I actually topped out at 127% of my daily goal.  I walked about 3.5 miles down to the Castro and back home.

That’s what I did today!  What did you do?  I think writing this is going to help me focus and be more accountable.  Small steps to making my life a little more organized and productive.

Catch you guys later!


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40 something year old guy living in San Francisco. Originally from central Ohio. Went to College to be a band director but ended up in the business world. Now I'm a scrum master and manager in a IT department here in Silicon Valley.

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