Finding body wash made in the USA

So I’m sure you’ve seen some of my post related to products made in the USA.  It’s something I think we need to be conscious of when we’re out there shopping.  People say they don’t have time for this.  How much time does it take to flip over a package and see Made in …

This week I bought a couple different things which I can proudly Made in the USA.  Some research was required but again it didn’t take that much time.  I do sometimes get a little obsessed about it just because of curiosity.  I’m curious to see how many different items are Made in the USA.

So this week I need body wash.  So I went to Amazon and started searching for body wash products that were Made in the USA.  Surprisingly you can find a number of body wash products that are still made in the USA.

While I was at it I had a couple other things I needed to get also.  So I know that Amazon is hurting local retail sales but it sure is convenient. You can shop for what you need and you don’t have to drive around town.  In some areas that’s kind of funny because driving around isn’t difficult.  Here in San Francisco lets just say it can be a challenge.

How did I support American workers this week?  I bought these things to start

  1. Body Wash Products
    1. Ivory – body wash
    2. Every Man Jack – body wash
    3. Wash for Men – body wash
    4. Jane Products – hand and body soap
  2. Lodge Manufacturing’s – enamel dutch oven
  3. Gonesh Sticks – incense
  4. Clos du Bois – wine

So this week I supported multiple local restaurants and several American business.  Did you support a local or American business?  The wealthy get wealthier from sending jobs overseas.  Manufacturing has been minimized here in the US.

The only way we can change that is to change our busying habits.  I know not everyone can do that because some people are just scraping to get by.  If you can though instead of buying the cheapest product, buy something you know will help create jobs and employee someone here in the US. That will help the economy in so many ways that you would truly shock you.

Turn over the package and look.  That’s all it takes.

August status update

It’s September now but here’s how things are at the end of August 2015. This is an exercise in staying in the present. We all look to the future and sometime focus on the future FAR TOO MUCH.

August brought a anniversary that’s important to me. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a year now.  For some people that may not be a big deal but the two of us believe it’s been a year of personal growth and expansion.

I changed jobs at the end of May.  I am now a scrum master at a financial company.  That was a good move for me because it was change from being a business person to being part of the IT department.  In all honesty I’m more of an Engineering Manager which is good too.

Yesterday I downloaded the book Driven, The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, by Daniel Pink on Audible.  I’ve seen his YouTube videos many times and love what they tell us about human motivation.  It’s pretty thought provoking.

End point; life is good and that’s what I need to focus on.  Focus to the future and all that I have in my daily life.  People around the world would kill to have my life.  Even people closer then I would think desire “my life”.

Have a great day everyone!  Be Happy, Be Healthy!